Virtual Servers (Cloud VDS)

Cloud VDS servers are compute & memory optimized KVM machines based on modern Intel Gold hardware with fully dedicated resources and no noisy neighbors.

What is a Cloud VDS Server?

More specifically, Cloud virtual dedicated server (VDS) is a kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) with fully dedicated CPU and memory resources. Cloud VDS servers are using modern Intel Gold 6230R CPU and DDR4-2933 memory to offer premium performance. The underlying server hardware is not overbooked, which ensures stable workloads and eliminates noisy neighbor's effect, that is often present with standard virtual servers. Even more, with Cloud VDS every server gets logical core pairs that belong to the same physical core to ensure even greater performance boost.

How can I get Cloud VDS servers?

Cloud VDS Servers have pre-built resource capacity and are deployed by a fully automated provisioning system that runs a multi-step server preparation process to give you a clean and safe server each time on-demand. You get Cloud VDS servers deployed in 2 to 10 minutes.

Smart VDS servers are billed on an hourly or fixed-term basis, with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing cycles available. Cloud VDS servers also support spot billing. You may order Smart VDS servers through your Client Portal or automate provisioning via Cherry Servers API.

What are available Smart VDS server plans?

There are 6 Smart VDS plans available in EU-Nord-1 and EU-West-1 regions:

  1. Cloud VDS 2
  2. Cloud VDS 4
  3. Cloud VDS 6
  4. Cloud VDS 8

Each Cloud VDS plan has from 10 to 20TB of free traffic package included by default, and you pay only €0.5 / TB / month for any extra traffic. Check our Bandwidth Plans for more information.

What operating systems are available?

We support the following operating systems at the moment:

  • Ubuntu - versions 18.04 and 20.04;
  • Debian - versions 9, 10, 11;
  • CentOS - versions 7;
  • AlmaLinux - version 8;
  • Rocky Linux - version 8;
  • OpenSUSE - version Leap 15

Additional IP Addresses

In additional to the static Management IP address that is automatically assigned to every server upon deployment, you may add a number of additional IP addresses to your Cloud VDS server:

  • Floating IP. A plublic IPv4 address that can be instantly moved from one server to another within the same region.
  • DDoS Protected Floating IP. A floating IP address that has an additional layer of DDOS scrubbing protection applied in real-time.


    Backup Storage

    Backup Storage is a dedicated network-attached file storage space that is associated with your server. You may activate 50GB Backup Storage space free of charge for your Cloud VDS server.

    Private VLAN Subnet

    Private VLAN Subnet is a virtual local area network (VLAN) interface that groups servers within a Team to enable private interactions, as if the servers were attached to the same wire.

    Out-of-band Management Console

    Out-of-band management (OOBM) Console is a remote server management technology that uses the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) to remotely control another computer through a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) graphical desktop-sharing system.

    Server Tags

    Server tagging is a way to mark your cloud infrastructure resources in any organizational pattern of your choice, which helps you organize, control and monitor your cloud resources better.

    Cloud-init Service

    Cloud-init is a service that allows you fetch user data when provisioning new servers via API.

    Present limitations

    Cloud VDS servers share a pool of NVMe storage, which is limited to 30000 IOPS.