Management IP

Management IP is the main public IPv4 address that is assigned to every server by default.

What is a Management IP address?

Every server has a unique public IP address assigned by default which is called a Management IP address. It also comes with an assigned gateway IP address so that the operating system of the server would have a default destination route for sending packets.

How does Management IP work?

The following image is a good illustration of how a Management IP address works at Cherry Servers:

dedicated IP work scheme

Imagine that you have ordered a new Dedicated Server and were assigned with a Management IP address, which is automatically routed to a default gateway address

Let's say, you want to ping a DNS server After you initiate your query, your server looks up its routing table and finds that its default route is set to Consequently, the packet is first sent to this default gateway. At the other end there is a router which owns this gateway address, and is able to pass your packet forwards to the Internet, in order for it to eventually reach its final destination the DNS server (