Bandwidth Plans

Everything you need to know about Cherry Servers bandwidth policy and free traffic packages

Available Bandwidth

Every server comes with either a 1Gbps or 3Gbps Bandwidth port for egress public traffic and has bandwidth usage included by default. These transfer allowances add up for each server, creating a bundled egress monthly traffic cap for the whole Project. The initial traffic limit depends on the purchased server directly. It is important to note that Cherry Servers count the outgoing traffic only. 

There is also a possibility to order additional traffic packages separately from servers to increase this overall monthly traffic cap of your Project. Check your total Project traffic on the Client Portal. It shows bandwidth usage for the last 30 days.

Different traffic packages are suggested depending on the servers' locations. Servers in Lithuania, America, or the Netherlands belong to the first category, while servers in Singapore are treated as the second.

After you exceed your monthly traffic cap, you start being charged for extra traffic. For the first category servers, the price is 0.5 EUR/TB; for the servers located in Singapore – 2,39 EUR for any additional TB.

Traffic limits can be easily found by logging into the customer portal on our website. You can also purchase a more extensive traffic package by clicking the order traffic button.

Bandwidth usage

Each server that you order for a fixed-term period (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) includes a bundled egress bandwidth usage which depends on the server processor and location.

For the first category servers, located in Lithuania, America, or the Netherlands, the transfer allowance is:

  • Virtual Servers (Cloud VPS) - 1TB / month
  • Virtual Servers (Storage VPS) - 1 to 35TB / month
  • Virtual Servers (Cloud VDS) - from 10 to 20TB / month
  • Dedicated Servers (Single CPU) - 30TB / month
  • Dedicated Servers (Dual CPU) - 100TB / month
  • Dedicated Servers (Quadruple CPU) - 200TB / month

For the second category servers, located in Singapore, the transfer allowance is:

  • Dedicated Servers - 20TB/month
  • Virtual Servers (VPS) - 1TB/month
  • Virtual Servers (VDS 2 and VDS 4) - 3TB/month
  • Virtual Servers (VDS 6 and VDS 8) - 5 TB/month

Bandwidth usage for hourly servers

Each server that you order on an hourly basis has a bandwidth usage included by default. It is used to calculate a bandwidth usage  cap. For instance, if you have a Dedicated Server (Single CPU)  in Lithuania, America, or the Netherlands, your bandwidth usage is ~41,7GB, calculated as follows: 30TB / 720 hours = 41,7 GB.

Aspects to keep in mind in case you own long term services, together with hourly services

Each server that you order on a long-term basis has the same free bandwidth usage included by default. The price is counted in the same principle as the hourly servers. The available bandwidth amount in total will  contain:

Long-term services allowed bandwidth + allowed bandwidth for hourly services (counted for the amount of time you had been using the hourly server(s)).

As an example:

You have a long term server, that includes 30Tb of bandwidth for 30 days* and have ordered an hourly server 24 hours ago. The allowed bandwidth in total will not be 60Tb, it will be 30Tb + 0.98Tb (the hourly servers’ amount allowed for free for 24 hours). 


If you decide to cancel the hourly server - the used bandwidth will remain included in the total monthly usage. The allowed bandwidth will increase again depending on the total usage of newly ordered hourly services.

*30 days means 30 days counting backwards (not the 30 days of a calendar month)

How traffic usage is calculated?

At Cherry Servers, we calculate traffic usage not per server but across the servers in a single Project. For instance, if server X has a 30TB package and server Y has a 100TB package, you have 130TB available for both servers over 30 days. Consequently, Server X can utilize 125TB, leaving Server Y with 5 TB.

Please note that due to different bandwidth pricing in Singapore, this location cannot be combined into the same traffic pool as Lithuania, Netherlands, and Chicago.

What if I exceed my bandwidth usage cap?

If you exceed your free monthly/hourly traffic cap, we may limit your bandwidth speed and issue an invoice for the exceeded traffic amount. Therefore, it is always better to order an additional traffic package. You can easily do it in our portal here.

We usually send a notification email when the project reaches 90 percent of the monthly traffic limit. This number can be adjusted in your user account according to your preferences. If no additional traffic package is purchased after the maximum traffic limit is reached, Cherry Servers keeps the right to reduce the operating speed accordingly.