Iperf3 speed test

Installing iPerf3:

IPerf3 can be downloaded for Windows here:

Instructions for installation using Ubuntu’s command line can be found here:

And several other compiled packages for various Linux Distro’s can be found here as well:

Additional steps for Windows

This will download as a “.zip” archive, which you must then extract to your desired location.

Once you have downloaded and extracted the file, you can use either Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell to run this program.

You may need to select “Run as Administrator” for PowerShell or the Command Prompt depending on your settings.



You can find a list of servers, their locations, and available ports here:


And the various options you can set for this test when using the iperf3 tool can be found here:


The following commands use the “paris.testdebit.info” server, connecting to port 9215 and using 8 connections. If you experience issues with the test, please try adjusting either the port number or the server used.


For Windows

If the zip file is extracted in your default Downloads folder, the command would be:
“C:\Users\%user%\Downloads\iperf-3.1.3-win64\iperf3.exe -c paris.testdebit.info -p 9215 -P 8”

You can also navigate to the folder this is in and use the .exe command directly:
“iperf3.exe -c paris.testdebit.info -p 9215 -P 8”

The final results will be show in a [SUM] category, which shows the total bandwidth accessible over the multiple sessions used:

iperf3 download

For Linux

Once this has been installed you can use the “iperf3” command in your terminal:

'iperf3 -c paris.testdebit.info -p 9215 -P 8'

Which will start this test and output the results. As with the Windows example this will show the results in two [SUM] rows in the same format: