How to use rescue mode to troubleshoot your server?

How to use rescue mode on Cherry Servers.

In essence, if your server was deployed by our system (you did not select “IP KVM self install” when ordering), there’s a possibility to invoke “rescue mode”. This is used when the server becomes unavailable, the file system becomes corrupt, you need to migrate the system (where migration is not possible because of mounted partitions) or similar.

1. To enter “rescue mode”, log into your client portal and click on the server you’ll be working with. Then, click “Server actions” and “Enter rescue mode”

enter rescue mode


2. Click on the “eye” logo next to the generated password to have it revealed for you. You’ll need it to have root access once the server is in rescue mode. Copy it and then click “Enter rescue mode”. It will take several minutes for the server to reboot.

generate rescue mode password

3. Once your logged into your server in rescue mode, you’ll see that the drive is not mounted

server actions

At this point you can either mount it or perform your tasks with an unmounted drive, for example perform “fsck” or similar tasks. Once you’re done, exit rescue mode from the server’s control panel, by once again clicking “Server actions” and then “Exit rescue mode”. The server will reboot back to normal operations.