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How to report abuse? What should I include in the report?

Abuse report

To report an abuse, please file a complaint to abuse@cherryservers.com. Please include full time stamps, source and destination IP addresses, as well as the log file (or part of it), showing malicious activity taking place.


What is the process after we get an email?

After receiving an incident the check it's type: copyright, spam, phishing etc. When we've determined the incident type, we contact the client in question and, if necessary, immediately block the associated IP address/domain/link/port.

There are situations where the involved server was dropped (the client cancelled it) before we received the incident email. In that case we won't be able to offer immediate assistance, but the incidents are logged onto a client's account and tracked.


How long does it take for us to react?

We try to react as quickly as possible, but due to possible ongoing priority tasks, the reaction time may be several hours. Each case is individual, therefore it may get bumped to priority if needed.