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How are your Account, Team and Project related?

User accounts at Cherry Servers have a many-to-many relationship with Teams, while Teams have a one-to-many relationship with Projects.


When you register at Cherry Servers a new user Account is created. User Accounts are required to store personal identifiable information for user authentication purposes.

On a user Account level you can add and change your profile information, set-up two factor authentication, enable IP protection, add your SSH key, or generate an API key.

An Account can create a new Team, in which case such Account will be assigned with a Team Owner's role.


Teams allow you to collaborate with other users, assign permissions to user Accounts and share resources across associated Projects under a shared billing account.

On a Team level you can assign team membership roles, add billing method, modify billing information, check billing history, or configure alerts.

Different Projects can be created within a Team.


A Project is basically a container that groups your computing, networking and storage services.

On a Project level you can deploy new servers, add floating IP addresses, or create block storage volumes.