How to create and attach Elastic Block Storage volume to a Windows server?

Elastic block storage volume configuration on Windows server

Deploy & Manage Volumes

Create a new volume

In case you don't have any storage devices in your project yet, click on Storage tab at Client Portal and you will see the following:

Cherry servers elastic storage setup

In order to create a new volume click on "Add volume" button then select region, add description of your volume and choose desired size. Click "Add volume".

Attach elastic storage

Attach / Detach volume at Client Portal side

When volume is created you need to attach it to the desired server in order to mount and use it.

delete elastic storage volume

In order to do that click on the volume management icon and select "Attach volume". Choose server to attach and click on "Attach Volume".

Attach elastic storage volume

Attach volume at the server side

Once server has been attached at the Client Portal, you need to configure it at your server side in order to mount and use it. To do so, we have prepared a script which automates the configuration process for you. Run it in you POWERSHELL environment as Administrator user.

wget -OutFile cherry-elastic-storage.ps1

You will find all the required variables for script to work at the Client Portal after volume attachment is done.

Elastic storage setup

After you import required variables and download the script run it as Administrator in your POWERSHELL environment:

./cherry-elastic-storage.ps1 -vlanId $vlan_id -vlanIp $vlan_ip -portalIp $portal_ip -initiator $initiator

Bear in mind, script will ask to to reboot the server in order to finish installation or the required roles and features. After that re-run the script. After it finishes, new device will be available.

Format And Mount the Volume

To format and mount the device go to Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools. Click on Computer Management and from Storage drop down menu choose Disk Management.

Windows disk management

You will find Offline disk with Unallocated space. With the right click on that disk make it Online, then click on Initialize disk. You will be asked to choose partition style, either MBR or GPT. In case if your disk is less then 2TB, you may choose MBR type.

Master boot record

Now you can create a new volume by right clicking on Unallocated space and selecting New Simple Volume...

New simple volume setup

Go through wizard, choose partition size, by default it will suggest to use whole size of the disk, choose desired drive letter, file system and label for you new device. Click Finish.

New simple volume wizard

Well done! You can now access you new block storage device like local disk D.

Block storage cherry servers