Floating IP (DDOS Protected)

Floating IP address that has an additional layer of DDOS scrubbing protection applied in real-time

What is a DDOS Protected Floating IP?

DDoS Protected Floating IP is identical to a standard Floating IP address, except that it has an additional layer of Distributed Denial-of-service (DDOS) scrubbing protection that operates all the way up to the application layer (OSI layer 7).

Due to to the underlying machine learning technology, the algorithm can detect ever-changing traffic anomalies and prevent your application from them. Layer 7 attacks vary from elementary-easy to extremely sophisticated, which can make it very hard to differentiate legitimate traffic from a DDOS attack.

How does a DDOS Protected Floating IP work?

The DDOS scrubbing protection system operates in real-time by analyzing your incoming traffic. It continuously learns to separate normal traffic of your application from DDOS related queries and blocks the latter. Depending on your traffic volume, it may take a few days for the protection system to learn normal traffic patterns of your application and reach its full potential.

This type of protection is very handy when the DDOS attack has a non-typical attack vector, that is hard to detect by conventional DDOS protection measures. While this is a tough problem for humans, machine learning algorithms excel at such tasks and may be the right solution, if you are experiencing recurring application layer DDOS attacks.

Present Limitations

Since attack patterns are handled by machine learning algorithm we won’t be able to make any changes in case the current protection level is either not enough or too strong for you. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to treat this service with caution, and give the algorithm some time to adjust to the normal traffic patterns of your application.

We advise you to use this service as an additional layer of security combined with the standard security measures of your server. For the duration of beta testing this type of protection is available free of charge, and your feedback is more than welcome.

There is also a maximum amount of DDOS Protected Floating IP addresses you can have, which is 4 IPs per server within your Team. For instance, if you have 5 servers in a Team, you can order up to 20 DDOS Protected Floating IP address. In case you need more than that, you should order an IP Subnet range.