Bring Your Own IP Range

You may bring your own IP subnet to Cherry Servers

We allow you to bring your own IP subnet ranges of at least 256 IP addresses, and use it on our autonomous system (AS) with your services at Cherry servers.

How can I bring my own IP range to Cherry Servers?

Please take the following steps, in order to bring your own IP range to Cherry Servers:

  1. Provide us with exact IP address ranges that you wish to bring to Cherry Servers, so that our network engineers could examine and validate these IP address ranges. You should submit your request to your personal account manager or email our support team.
  2. Make sure that your IP range is registered as a separate INETNUM object of that size, and has an attribute mnt-routes set to "DUOMENUCENTRAS-MNT".
  3. After the first two steps are competed, Cherry Servers will create required route objects for your specified IP range. It will take up to 24 hours before your IP range is fully accessible from the world at Cherry Servers data center, as it takes time for the routing information to be renewed world-wide.