Affiliate Contract

This Affiliate Contract (the “Contract”) is made by and between UAB Cherry Servers (“Cherry Servers” or “We”) and Affiliate (also referred to as “You”), and is effective as of the date when you confirm this Contract trough the following link of your Client Portal:

You shall refer cloud infrastructure users to Cherry Servers by using your unique referral link. We commit to provide cloud infrastructure services to Your referred users with regard to Cherry Servers Terms of Service.


You shall be compensated for every user that you refer to Cherry Servers who starts using paid cloud infrastructure services. Once your referred user is invoiced, you will get an amount equal to 10% of their total expenses at Cherry Servers as described herein as your commissions for as long as your referred user remains a client of Cherry Servers. You shall be compensated for your referred user's new and recurring services alike.

Your overall commissions will be represented in the Affiliate section of Your Cherry Servers Client Portal where You will find the information about the service orders of Your referred users, as well as the calculated amount of commissions for every order. Seeking to ensure the protection of personal data, no personal data of any client will be visible at Your Cherry Servers Client Portal.

Commissions are given for first-hand Cherry Servers services only. You shall not be compensated for second-hand services, including, but not limited to, any revenue that is generated by your referred user for 3rd party licenses, abuse fines, government taxation or any custom support charges.

Pending Commissions

Your commissions are set as pending for the first 30 days since your referred user has been invoiced, in order to make sure that such user abides by the Cherry Servers Terms of Service and does not claim a refund or issue a charge-back.

Approved commissions

Pending commissions change status to approved 30 days after your referred user has been invoiced. You can then withdraw approved commissions to your PayPal or SEPA account once your overall commission amount reaches €50.

Payment of Commissions

You shall be paid the exact amount that is showed under the Approved Earnings in the Affiliate section of your Client Portal. We are not responsible and shall not compensate You any bank fees or any other taxes that may be applied during the commission withdrawal. Once Your overall commission amount reaches €50, the system will automatically generate Your invoice for the commissions and We will transfer Your commissions to Your PayPal or SEPA account on the 20th day of the month.

The customer (also referred to as Affiliate) undertakes to provide his name, surname, personal identification number and address, which are required for payment.


Affiliate cookie last 90 days, and affiliate commissions are awarded on the last-click-wins basis.


This Contract does not create an exclusive relationship between You and Cherry Servers. You are free to work with similar affiliate program providers in any category. This Contract imposes no restrictions on Cherry Servers to work with any individual or company we may choose.

This Contract may be terminated at the initiative of You or Cherry Servers, provided that the prior notice of termination must be given to other party 1 month in advance.

In case of termination of the Contract, You will not be entitled to any further commission and the outstanding amount of Your commissions will be paid to Your PayPal or SEPA account on the last day of the Contract.