I am not able to log in to my Linux server. What should I do?

How to connect to the server.

If you’re using Linux on your home/office computer, and wish to connect to another Linux host, open the terminal and execute the following command:

$ ssh $Username@$IPAddress

If the host is online and accepting connections, you’ll see the following output:

Then, enter your server user’s password (the user is “root” by default) and you’ll successfully connect.



In a “Microsoft Windows” environment, one of the most popular programs for SSH connections is “PuTTy”. Download, install and open it. In the main window, enter your server’s IP address and click “Open”.


If the host is online and accepting connections, you’ll see the login screen. Input the username and hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

Then, enter the password and hit “Enter” once again. If the password is correct, you’ll be successfully connected. Please keep in mind that no password symbols will be shown when entering the password. This is done for safety reasons.


If you cannot connect to your server via SSH or RDP (depending on the operating system), we recommend either connecting to your server via it's IP KVM/VNC unit (OOBM) or contacting us at support@cherryservers.com

The tutorial for IP KVM (OOBM) usage can be found here: https://docs.cherryservers.com/knowledge/ip