Additional IP addresses

Types of additional IP addresses

First of all it is important to understand the concept of „IP Routing“ from which arises different types of additional IP addresses that can be ordered from Cherry Servers.

Routing is the mechanism that allows a system (in this case a server) to find the network path to another system. A route is a defined pair of addresses which represent the “destination” and a “gateway”. The route indicates that when trying to get to the specified destination, send the packets through the specified gateway.

For illustrative purposes lets take „Dedicated IP address“ which is offered with each server at Cherry Servers and explore its routing principles.

dedicated IP work scheme


We have a dedicated IP address that came with the server. Dedicated IP addresses come with assigned „gateway“ address so that server’s operating system would know to whome it should send packets to by default. In this case the gateway IP is address.

When your server needs to send packets to it looks up its routing table and sees that its default route is to So packet is sent to gateway. At the other end there will be a router who owns this gateway address and is able to send your packet for to the internet to reach it’s requested destination.

We can also examine how configuring „Dedicated IP“ with gateway IP looks like on ubuntu 16 down below:

dedicated ip Ubuntu 16